best temp for live resin carts and dabs

Best Temp for Live Resin Carts and Dabs

So you’ve spent a decent amount of money on some top-quality live resins or live resin cartridges. Now you may find yourself wondering how to get the most bang for your buck, allowing for the full enjoyment of the properties from your new stash. There are a few steps that you can take to enjoy your dabs the most for the longest period of time possible. Most importantly, you need to know the best temp for live resin.

A crucial step that any dabber or consumer of live resin must take is to be sure that the temperature of the dab isn’t too hot or that the battery you’re using on your cartridge isn’t too powerful. If the banger is too hot or the battery is overpowered, you’re moving away from vaporization and towards combustion, causing the terpenes to degrade through the burning temperatures. This is a huge reason why attention to this specific detail really shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Live Resin Overview

Live resin is special because of an extra step taken before the extraction process takes place that helps to preserve the natural terpenes and cannabinoids present in cannabis flowers. This step involves deep freezing the freshly harvested buds, often with liquid nitrogen or dry ice. The intent is to lock in all the delicious terpenes and potency of the flowers while keeping the starting material cold throughout the extraction process. This further aids in terpene and cannabinoid preservation. 

This extraction method produces some of the most flavorful and potent extracts available on the cannabis recreational market at an affordable price for consumers to enjoy at their leisure. Usually testing on the plus side of 70% THC, generally speaking, live resin punches way above its price point in the potency department. However, one of the major draws towards live resin for most consumers is the concentrated terpene flavor that each strain produces after being run cold through a closed-loop extraction system

Both of these great qualities make it pertinent for cannabis consumers to consume this beautiful extract at the right temperature so as not to burn away their positive experience degrading the terpene and cannabinoids present in the live resin. 

Why Does Live Resin Temperature Matter?

Temperature is a resounding theme of importance for live resin, starting with the extraction process and ending with how it is consumed by cannabis lovers alike. When the extract gets too hot in the closed-loop system, terpenes and cannabinoids begin to degrade, resulting in less flavor and potency for the consumer to enjoy. 

The same thing goes for consumption. If live resin is dabbed at too high of a temperature, it is no longer vaporized. Instead, the extract is now being combusted or burned into smoke, and it won’t taste nearly as good as it burns your throat on the way into your lungs. Ideally if possible, consumers should look to vaporize their live resin, whether off a quartz banger or in a live resin cartridge. This will get you the best experience possible with each and every cannabis strain. 

Best Temp for Live Resin Carts

When it comes to temperature, live resin carts lack the possibilities for precision that dabbing with a temperature reader does. However, most battery and cartridge systems offer a variable power setting. This is usually represented in the form of a low, medium, and high setting differentiated by light color or a dial that ranges from 3 to 5 volts. 

Some batteries don’t offer any power adjustment. Either way, most battery and live resin cartridges will run between 3 and 5 volts. The best practice for these cartridges is the lower the voltage, the better for maximum terpene preservation. Set your battery to the lowest voltage setting it has, and forget about it. 

Best Temp for Live Resin Dabs

Controlling temperature when dabbing can be much easier and more precise with a temperature reading device. These devices can be found in the form of an infrared temperature reading gun that you can get for less than $20. Or, consider buying dab-specific temperature readers that start around $100. 

So, what is the best temp for live resin when using a rig? When dabbing, it is important to use some type of quartz banger, as it is the best for terpene and heat retention. Using a temperature reader or timed heat up and cool down, live resin consumers can be confident that they are dabbing at the proper temperature between 500 and 600 degrees Fahrenheit and vaporizing their product into a terpy delight. For extra flavorful dabs, the best temp for live resin is below 550 degrees. 

Preserve the Terps 

The extractors at WOX do an excellent job of preserving the terpene content in live resin throughout the extraction process. The extracts are packed full of the natural terpenes found in the starting cannabis flower material. Consumers should make sure they’re taking the proper steps to ensure that their consumption temperatures are allowing them to experience the wonderful flavors of our small-batch strain offerings fully. 

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