Got lost in the forest and burned some sweet sage to smudge my way home. Sweet, and citrusy, with a light minty end note.



Feet in the sand, sun on your face, hand-in-hand with happiness. Very sweet pineapple and coconut aroma. Bright and slightly spicy flavor.



Thanksgiving Dinner smashed in your face! Gassy, Earthy, Pungent aroma and flavor. This resin has a smooth, yet granular texture. Ter-pene-rich, and sun gold.

WOX is from Humboldt County in Northern California. We come from legacy farmers and extractors that have put in decades in the weed game, and we feel like we’ve perfected what it takes to make great, high potency live resin.

WOX is a brand that is focused on quality concentrates made from Humboldt-grown fresh frozen cannabis. We don’t used cured material, and we don’t use distillate. We make LIVE resin, and that is all we put into our cartridges and dabs.

When we say that WOX is “How Humboldt Gets High”, we mean it. We make products that we are proud to share with California, but most importantly we make products that our people in Humboldt confidently purchase because they know us and our reputation.

WOX Live Resin Carts are made with full spectrum live resin diamonds and terpenes. Looking for that perfect ratio of flavor to potency, say less. The Live Resin Carts are bussin’ with 100% live resin, no distillate allowed. Works with any 510 thread battery.


WOX Live Diamond Sauce cartridges are extracted from high quality, fresh-frozen sun-grown cannabis sourced from premiere Humboldt County cultivators.

We harvest and flash freeze the whole cannabis flower at its peak. Our extractors use cutting-edge technology to convert premium jarred live resin to a dab on-the-go.

WOX Live Diamond Sauce cartridges are a favorite among people that are looking for a good deal, yet still demand a quality product. The WOX Live Diamond Sauce cartridge is 100% pure HUMBOLDT LIVE™ resin, never mixed with any additives, thickeners or distillate. Our goal is to provide quality 100% live resin cartridges for the cost of a distillate cart.

WOX Live Resin is created with a solvent-based extraction method, using fresh frozen cannabis
flower. This is why our LIVE RESIN slaps hard compared to products that use cured plant material. The terps in WOX Live Resin just hits dierent.


To produce our WOX Live Resin, we start with legendary Humboldt genetics, grown in the
beautiful sunshine with the cleanest and most responsible farming practices.

Our procurement team is expert at identifying unique artisan-grown cannabis strains, grown
with care according to our rigorous cultivation standards, and fresh frozen at harvest to create
an outstanding flavor experience.

Our Humboldt-trained technicians create WOX Extracts with a level of expertise that only comes from dedication to their craft. WOX Live Resin amplifies the cannabinoids and terpenes that make each drop special. With WOX, you can enjoy high quality live resin products at a price that any cannabis enthusiast can appreciate!

WOX just got even DOPER.

Sideshow Stuntin'

This SATIVA has a sweet floral aroma with a touch of gas and a whole lot of a lemon citrus punch to the grill!


This Indica strain carries a light sweet citrus aroma, with a slight tart taste, and hints of gassy flavor, with a smooth mouth feel.


This sweet tasting HYBRID has a slightly gassy citrus aroma combined with hints of sugar cookies and butter.


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